Delivering Opening Keynote @ 2nd Workshop On Engineering in Medical Applications


On Wednesday, September 14, 2016 Pejman will be in Bogotá, Colombia delivering the Opening Keynote at the 2nd Workshop On Engineering in Medical Apps, a conference that aims to bring together those interested in how games, simulations and VR technology can be used in medicine.

Pejman’s research have made significant contributions to the field of Games User Research through his publications and his advocacy for the use of user research by small indie developers and other groups that create games such as those for the medical field.

His keynote will focus on the value of user research in the development of game-based medical applications along with the strategies and techniques that can be used to gather relevant data to evaluate the user experience of in development projects.

Pejman’s opening keynote will be the first in an exciting list of talks by participants from various universities across the Americas. The conference will run from September 14-15 at the Universidad Militar Nueva in Bogotá, Colombia. More information about this event, its participants and talks can be found at the workshop’s website.

Post by: Nelly Hamid