Speaking at #GamesUR Conference 2016


This Friday (September 30, 2016) Pejman will be in London, England delivering a talk at #GamesUR Conference 2016. The conference aims to help developers deliver a great gaming experience through playtesting and understanding players.

Pejman’s┬átalk will focus on conducting playtesting sessions when budget and feasibility are issues. Using his own experiences at Execution Labs and recent real-life examples, Pejman will discuss the relationships, methodology and equipment that indie developers and use to create effective playtest sessions and crafting the best player experience. Pejman has also written a few articles (here and here) about this topic.

The one-day conference will be held at Conway Hall, in London, England. More information about this event, its participants and talks can be found at the┬áconference’s website.

Post by: Nelly Hamid