From Sunday (October 15, 2017) to Tuesday (October 17, 2017), Pejman and his research collaborators will be at the CHI PLAY conference (Amsterdam, the Netherlands). They will be running a workshop, along with presenting two full papers and one workshop paper.

The workshop will be about evaluating ways to have constructive player involvement within the game development process. Their research focuses on gaining information about the player’s expectations and motivations when it comes to certain games, with the goal of establishing useful design guidelines. They’ve also done work evaluating the effectiveness of conducting user-research with AI.

Here is more information, along with links to each paper:

Gerling, K., Wallner, G., Mirza-Babaei, P., Shearer, J., Linehan, C. and Hicks, K. Exploiting Players? Critical Reflections on Participation in Game Development. CHI PLAY 2017. Workshop (organizing). Workshop summary.

Kappen, D., Mirza-Babaei, P., Lennart, N. Gamification through the Application of Motivational Affordances for Physical Activity Technology. CHI PLAY 2017. Full Paper.

Petersen, F., Thomsen, L., Mirza-Babaei, P., Drachen, A. Evaluating the Onboarding Phase of Free-to-Play Mobile Games: A Mixed-Method Approach. CHI PLAY 2017. Full Paper.

Stahlke, S., Mirza-Babaei, P. Usertesting Without the User: Introducing PathOS, a Framework for AI-Based Games User Research. Workshop Paper. CHI PLAY 2017.

The CHI PLAY conference aims to create discussions around high-quality current research in games and HCI. More information about the event and its participants are available on the conference’s website.

Post by: Atiya Nova