Key points:
My focus is on developing mixed-methods for a better understanding of user experience in engaging entertainment systems.
•User Centre Design (UCD)
•Video Games User Research (GUR)
•Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
•Usability & User Experience Research
•Physiological measurements

Other Research Interests:
Video Games Accessibility, Video Games for health and rehabilitation, Video Games Development.

In more details:

I have diverse research interests and enjoy working at an interdisciplinary research team and explore new connections and possibilities. I am currently working on developing mixed-methods for better understanding of user experience in video games. In particular utilising physiological measurements in combination with other HCI user research methods. My main interest is in developing methods to provide formative feedback to game developers during the game development cycle to optimise player experience.

Evaluating user experience in games is an important component of the growing field of video game development. My research focuses on developing mixed- methods for games user evaluations to suit the game development cycle towards providing formative feedback for game designers. I use both qualitative and quantitative research approaches, but I have more interest toward qualitative research and practical case studies where I can get involved with the complexity and data richness of real world rather than lab settings. Most of my works on developing games user research methodologies are in collaboration with game developers.

I am also fascinated by novel game interaction methods for enhancing social interaction as well as to use video games as a pervasive technology to support improving individual abilities, behaviour change and rehabilitation.